Always Kamataki with full moon !

My practice takes inspiration from a traditional Asian style (Japan, China, South Korea) combined with my personal aesthetic vision.

My inspiration comes from Asia and my wish to “serve tea”.

I feel the same sense of spirtituality when creating my tea bowls and cups as one does whilst performing the Tea Ceremony.

Creating beauty sustains the soul.

Most of my pieces are turned by hand on a wheel, shaped, sculpted and cut out with tools I have created specifically for that purpose

I hope my work has not only a body but also a soul. This is my main focus

Some of tea cups shown are glazed with Shino, others are made with porcelain or stoneware directly fired without glaze, without slipware, without stain colors and the broad color palettes of purple, orange and pink will entirely depend on the quality of the ashes produced during the firing and at the moment they are fired. It is at this point the soul of the work is revealed.

I produce my original stoneware’s clay by mixing clays with wild feldspars and sands which I collect in the countryside that surrounds my studio.

The central theme of my sculpture work is “trees”.
My love for trees comes from ancient chestnut and oak trees found next to my beloved home “La Valette” facing my studio, some of these trees are between 300-400 years old. These trees are standing and talking to me, especially in the winter, when they reveal their delicate personality. They seem to come out from a world inspired by Miyazaki’s movies or Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

Patricia CASSONE